Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

A Valentine Fashion Editorial in Dolce & Gabbana

Flip through the pages of a special Valentine related Fashion Shoot. Iconic pieces that come to life thanks to the savvy styling: get inspired, be Valentine.

Valentine's day is a stretch away. No matter what that day will entail for you, you can always fall in love with Fashion. Browse through the Iconic pieces of Dolce&Gabbana's Collections. And become an Icon yourself.

Dolce&Gabbana SS11 Collection is all about love. Inspired by the famous Sicilian "corredo" hope chest, it symbolizes the union between - not only two lovers - but also between tradition and style. The experience of "white" as more than an open canvas, the landscape, the meanings attached to it expressed through the refined embroideries.

Miss Sicily Bag in PVC & Macramé 1.395,00 €
Black Lace Top 1.345,00 €
Black Lace skirt 1.345,00 €
Black Lace Shoes 445,00 €

It's in "our" or Dolce&Gabbana's DNA. Leopard print, apparently the most striking way to leave a note of style. The Body in Leopard, or the Dress in Leopard, is as natural and seductive as it can be. Standing against the sun-heated white rocks.
Leopard Body 625,00 €
Black Culotte 325,00 €
The price for the dress is not available.

All about Miss Sicily, loved by most celebrities, loved by most women, it's the perfect friend to have on hand. The entire creative range is present: raffia, macramé, lace, pony, leopard. In matters of the heart - for bags - there is always an answer.
Miss Sicily in Leopart Print Pony 1.445,00 €
Miss Sicily with Black Flowers 1.295,00 €
Miss Sicily in Raffia 1.095,00 €
Miss Sicily from the Runway 1.395,00 €
Miss Sicily in White PVC and Macramé 1.395,00 €

Flowers are the most coveted, yet short-lived, gift. Another iconic print: flowers. On sandals, dresses, body. Letting everything bloom in big.
Sandals 325,00 €
Flower Body 625,00 €
Flower Print dress on Model 1.375,00 €
Prices are not available for the flower bags and round-skirted dress

Love is also about taking it easy. What better way than wearing a t-shirt over a pair of jeans? The Iconic T-shirts are that and more: Steve McQueen, Mickey Rourke, Marlon Brando. Let them know what kind of lover you are looking for.
Iconic T-Shirt 155,00 €

Love is in the details, at least when it comes to La Mode. Polka-dots, red satin, the gorgeous charms from the SS11 Collection, inspired by the corredo, yet preciously sophisticated.
Sicilian Charm Bracelet 495,00 €
Sicilian Charm Necklace 945,00 €
Black Earrings in Macramé 175,00 €
Diamond Clutch 445,00 €
Belt 275,00 €
Polka Dot Clutch 875,00 €
Polka Dot Sandals 325,00 €
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Styled by Yuri Ahn.
Source: Dolce&Gabbana
Fashion Show Photo by: Monica Feudi,Gianni Pucci
Backstage Photo by: Luca Cannonieri and Michele Morosi
                                     Dennis Valle
Credits: JAMES DEAN ©1954 James Dean.
© Steve McQueen™  Photograph by William Claxton/ Courtesy Demont Photo Management, LLC.
MARLON BRANDO ™/© 2010  of Brando Enterprises, L.P./ Mickey Rourke:
Mickey Rourke: Photo © Sante D’Orazio Photo by ©JohnEngstead/GettyImages  

Photo Credits: Pietro Izzo ,  Annarita Vizzari
Photo Credits: Octopus,Corfu 1938 Heribert List Estate, Hamburg
At the Mediterranean Sea, Liguria 1936 Heribert List Estate, Hamburg
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