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A fashion opportunity for Mr. Valentine

A successful Valentine date relies on 2 things: the first impression and the last one. Both are conditioned by your look and your attitude.
If it was not easy to ask her out and to decide where and how to declare your love, you should not ruin everything with a lousy outfit. Depending  on whom you are taking out and where you are going we have thought about the clothing combination that will certainly not leave you in defeat.
Planning on a romantic day trip to enjoy the first rays of sun, the off-duty look is the perfect formula to ease the atmosphere. If not in Sicily, it could feel just like it: sunglasses, classic denims, leather strap sandals paired with a cotton jacket and a matching shirt. You should say “I love you” naturally...
Khaki light cotton blazer 795 - blue denim shirt 245
Brown leather sandals 295 - brown leather studded belt 195
Brown leather biker jacket 1,375
catwalk look: white shirt 165 € - khaki cotton trousers 425 € - brown leather sandals 295
Black and grey striped top 335
Aviator sunglasses 510
 It is on the T-shirt and you’ve got what it takes to knock her off her feet. Ready to be the playboy but the cool one, the one that was born ready to seduce and be seduced. Choose your icon and opt for the hoody or the Tee or both and walk yourself in to meet your chosen Valentine.
(From left to right)
Dark grey printed T-Shirt 185 € - black shorts 245
Khaki printed button neck T-shirt 325 € - camel shorts 245
Black hooded printed jumper 345 € - white shorts 225 € - black leather belt 235
Khaki hooded printed jumper 345 € - white shorts 225 € - brown leather belt 215
Black printed tank top 125 € - off-white shorts 245 € - brown leather belt 225
 You have the blues, but the best ones in town and you know exactly how to sing it to her. Not a lullaby but some cool vibes for you to get it on …
(From left to right)
Navy blue jeans 275
Grey denim shirt 285
Sunglasses 190
Light blue shorts 365
Look: dark blue cotton shirt 215 € - light blue washed jeans 295 € - black leather belt 225
 For you Valentine is a big issue and a big night, so for sure you have the tuxedo dilemma to sort ASAP. No fashion faux-pas is allowed. You need to prove yourself to be a modern gentleman and we all know that it is a hard job. Definitely on duty you will be. Tradition in the cut, modernity in the accessory:  a case of fashion consciousness.
(From left to right)
Look: black tuxedo jacket 1,095 € - white cotton shirt 295 € - light blue satin bow tie 85 € - black light wool tuxedo trousers 425
Black leather iPad case 145 € - Black leather iPhone case 125
From the catwalk: beige jute Derbys 365
 Ready to hit the love playground. Sport your sensuality and study your strategy. Will you win the game? Show your assets in the best package. Forget the ribbon, it is about the fit. If you get the uniform right, she should undress you in a blink of eye.
(From left to right)
Short sleeve T-shirt 145 - long sleeve T-shirt 185 € - hooded jumper 345 € - tank top 125
Black bermuda trousers 225 € - Black track pants 295 € -Gold track pants 335

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Styled by Yuri Ahn.
Source: Dolce&Gabbana
Fashion Show Photo by: Monica Feudi,Gianni Pucci
Backstage Photo by: Luca Cannonieri and Michele Morosi, Dennis Valle
Credits: JAMES DEAN ©1954 James Dean.
© Steve McQueen™  Photograph by William Claxton/ Courtesy Demont Photo Management, LLC.
MARLON BRANDO ™/© 2010  of Brando Enterprises, L.P./ Mickey Rourke:
Mickey Rourke: Photo © Sante D’Orazio Photo by ©JohnEngstead/GettyImages  

Photo Credits: Pietro Izzo ,  Annarita Vizzari
Photo Credits: Octopus,Corfu 1938 Heribert List Estate, Hamburg
At the Mediterranean Sea, Liguria 1936 Heribert List Estate, Hamburg
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