Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

Gisele Is Blurred And Having A Bad Hair Day On The Cover Of Vogue Brazil

The image above may look like a bad scan, but I guarantee you that it is a perfect match of the cover of the July issue of Vogue Brazil that is currently on newsstands. I wasn’t going to even bring up the magazine this month, but the fact that a Vogue title would publish a cover picture of Gisele completely out of focus and with bad hair deserves a little scolding. And it doesn’t just end on the cover. Most of the editorial with Gisele photographed in the Amazon by Jacques Dequeker is also blurred, as if someone in the art department had sent a small jpg to print as opposed to a high-resolution file.
If the technical problems on cover weren’t bad enough, in this issue of Vogue Brazil Gisele also signed up for a knockoff of Inez and Vinoodh’s Goddess editorial with Kate Moss, featured in W magazine on February of 2006. I understand being inspired by a particular editorial, but (a) avoid using the same title of the original (Gisele’s story is called Deusa, which is Portuguese for Goddess), and (b) please do some justice to the original next time.

Above: Gisele in Vogue Brazil, July 2011, and Kate Moss in W magazine, February 2006.
Worst issue of Vogue with Gisele ever published (and I think even Gisele would agree with me on this one).

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