Montag, 29. August 2011

Mihaela Glavan - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011

Mihaela Glavan launched her own brand of accessories in 2003. With a graphic and architectural design, her shoes have soon become well-known on the Romanian market and, starting 2006, also internationally (Montreal Fashion Week, Cyprus Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week).

In 2004, Mihaela Glavan officially launched her showroom, for custom made orders. Mihaela Glavan brand is exported to Japan, USA, Canada, Italy, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Germany.

In 2009, she opened a Sepala/RSM (diffusion line) shoe store in a very exquisite area in Bucharest. The first abroad store was in Gunewig Chemnitzer Hof Hotel, Germany.

Mihaela Glavan's name has been associated with famous designers, such as Irina Schrotter, Razvan Ciobanu, Stephan Pelger, Silvia Serban, Irina Marinescu, Wilhemina Arz , Lucian Broscatean, Alina Botea, Lena Criveanu, Catalin Botezatu, Pantelis Pantelis, Marie-Saint Pierre.

All shoes are hand-made and materials are severely selected for each collection. Most of the Romanian designers and stylists from fashion magazines use Sepala shoes for catwalks, photo sessions and different projects in this field.

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