Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011

What a Man (Simon Nessman) for VMAN

VMAN magazine Issue 21 - Game On Editorial by Terry Tsiolis and Jay Massacret. The advance preview of an athletic story. Game on? As long as you can carry a woman on your shoulders. Press Cut the Play.
VMAN shows how to do it. What? Turn a cherub into an athletic forgo. In case you haven't noticed, SS11 is all about the out and about the field game. As long as you have the right accessory. Not a straw hat, for sure, but a model on your back. Outdoors  and adventures take a new meaning. Take Melodie Monrose up in the air, and show your muscles. The concept of fit - and fitness - turns to Fashion's most adventurous step. We have never seen Simon Nessman so curled up and tanned, and we want more.

D&G Shorts, Shirt, Jeans, Bra, and Bandana

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