Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

This Hercules is Mine! A parallel casting

Ok. Imagine our shock when after conducting a parallel casting to find a boyfriend (yes we mingle during work), we saw him yesterday as the "elected" Hercules. Here is a review of a short-lived romance. Insider Reports.
We thought we could keep it a secret, and we didn't think he would become famous overnight! Diego Fragoso. Imagine how shocking it is to find out the name of your so-called love interest (although he might have forgotten about you already) through an e-mail.  Yes, we did have a very private (inside our mind) casting for our favourite Hercules to be.

When yesterday we received the official announcement from Hercules Magazines' Editors in Chief, Francesco Sourigues and David Vivirido, we expected the new Hercules to be all but: the young boy we flirted with during the Hercules event at Spiga2. He just looked like a passerby, and didn't show off his assets like the others. All bundled up he was, a bit of a loner.

Diego undercover

Others were showing off their assets
It seemed to us that he was there accompanying a friend, or making friends. It has been registered by many of us the following conversation with Diego: he asked where you were from. This would be natural, only it was like a tormenting pick up line with anyone. So we got picked by him on the balcony. And fell for the Brazilian accent that uttered: ""I am waiting for my driver".
No we didn't jump in the car with him, but we can at least say that we flirted with the next Hercules, unknowingly. This teaches us girls one thing: sometimes the best things come in disguise.

Diego performing...
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