Samstag, 6. November 2010

LOVE LAND Invaders by Lagoi & Lace

Cologne-, Germany, based artist duo Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace has provided BTB with their latest project latest project Love Land Invaders which was shot in Japan’s stunningly decorated love hotel rooms. ” -This fashion-art photo-series includes masks, jewelry, clothing and ribbons which we designed especially for the “Love Land Invaders”. Everything came together to become “luxurious pop”: vibrant colors, iconic characters and visual lust.
When asked what inspires them the duo replies: “- We draw inspiration from lots of things like: Entertainment and pop culture, Japanese culture and its surreal output, nature and mythology, erotic bodies, fashion-design and art are perpetual inspirational sources. They all have one thing in common: a good vibrant portion of positive energy.” and you might say the same thing about their working relationship: “-We aim for the same things and easily come together and often our work adds to each other’s. Everybody may have their strong points but sometimes in the mix things really start to get interesting. We tend to discuss our stuff throughout the course of making so we both know what the other one is up to.
Although “Love Land Invaders” is their first project collaborating, both Lagoi and Lace have been working creatively for a long time with design and illustration, and says: “- It was during our study years that we found photography enabling us to bring together these things. We like to spice things up with glamorous, provocative staging, wild fashion and accessory, to in the end hopefully achieve the intense visual language we are after.
Our artwork is a combination of the best of both of us. We can help each other while designing and building the props and fashion pieces, thinking about the compositions, retouching, and presenting. Furthermore with a team of two you really have everything you need to do good photography. Because we also like to appear as model in our sets we were able to shoot each other for example for the “Love Land Invaders” series (in addition you can not enter a Japanese love hotel with a big photo-team :). It is also great to see things work out if you have a bold vision together.
Here’s Love Land Invaders:

 Check out Lagoi & Lace’s portfolio here.

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